Sunday, November 4, 2012

Holidays, Cheer, and Wedding Bells

Hey, everyone! 

With the big day T-minus 26 days and counting, and all of Kara and Jimmy's friends and family being spread out as we are, I wanted a place where everyone could come to get the skinny on their wedding! So let's start with the big items first and foremost:

Who: Kara and James Burns - of course!

What: A reading of vows, a declaration of dedication, an affirmation of love, and TONS of dancing!
In other words, it's a wedding!

Where: Bona Manzee
It's a beautiful cabin nestled on three acres of gorgeous land. Bona Manzee is located on the back roads of Madison, North Carolina.


It's address for your GPS is 2741 NC Highway 704, Madison, North Carolina.

Link to directions from Raleigh
Link to directions from Eden

When: December 1, 2012
Ceremony starts at two'o'clock in the afternoon. We are planning on an outdoor event so be sure to bundle up, allowing yourself to enjoy the occasion to the fullest!

Why: When two souls collide, finding their missing pieces completed in the addition of the other, what better to do than celebrate! And really, any excuse to dance is a good excuse.
(Wear you dancing shoes! Boogie is mandatory... mostly. We won't, like, beat you down with sticks if you really don't want to dance, but we will send at least ten different family members by to ask if you want to join in the fun. You've been warned!)

The little details:

Please repondez s'il vous plait! We're planning a lot of little events inside of the big event and want to ensure we're prepared for everyone - not to mention we want to celebrate that you'll be joining us!

Shoot us an email at:
Or send a text to (336) 552*8923  or  (336) 552*8926
We're saving a happy dance with your name on it!

If you're feeling that holiday tingle and find yourself roaming the stores with Kara and Jimmy in mind (though please know your presence alone is gift enough) the happy couple are registered at:
They're under the name Kara and James Burns!

In the Know:

This is just for those of you who like to have all the information ahead of time. A little who's-who's, if you will.

Kara is the youngest daughter of Mark and Sandy Hall. She met Jimmy in high school and never even thought to look back. Her happiness was found and she's refused to let it go, no matter what struggles or hurdles life has placed in her path. 

Jimmy is the second youngest son of Cheryl McKinley and stepfather, Dwayne. He officially asked Kara out December 25, 2005 and, without knowing it, gave her the best Christmas present she's ever received. He has been her rock, her shoulder to lean on, and her greatest encouragement. 

The wedding is being officiated by Kara's 'second dad', Rick Meeks. He's been a part of Kara's life since she was knee high to a grasshopper and is sure to bring great joy and lots of laughter to the occasion. 

Kara's bridal party consists of her sister, Cassie Hall, her life-long best friend Nikki Meeks, her friend since childhood Becca Bishopric, and her college roommate and friend, Heather Ayers. 

Jimmy's groomsmen are composed of his two brothers, Mike Baxter and Tyler McKinley, and his life-long best friends Ryan Ore and Daniel Barnes. 

These people have been there for the good and bad, constant rocks in the lives of the wedded couple. 

The wedding day will be captured on film by Mary Anne Register Folckomer

The reception will be DJ'd by Funk Music Master Mind Radical Rick. 

Wrapping It Up:

I think that's about it! There's going to be fun, there's going to be dancing, there's going to be love... hopefully there's going to be you! 

In French you don't really say "I'll miss you", you say "Tu me manques", which means "You are missing from me." It's our hope you won't be missing from this event, as two hearts promise to never be missing from one another.